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We help you understand the difference between an eviction and an unlawful detainer and from an ejectment.

What do you do when there is people who are not  tenants lawfully living on your property and law enforcement cannot not  help.  If the people are claiming that they have rights or interest in  the real property but you know that is not correct or the whole picture,  ejectment is possibly your only solution.
Ejectment is your legal option when there is  not a note/mortgage in place and no landlord/tenant relationship ever  existed. Ejectment is civil ligation to remove non-tenants and  non-owners from a property.

Unlawful Detainer

What do you do when there is people who are not  tenants lawfully living on your property and law enforcement cannot not  help.  If the people are not claiming that they have rights or interest in  the real property,  an unlawful detainer action is possibly your solution.  The owner or the person who has legal rights to have possession of the property can start a court process just like an eviction to have law enforcement remove such people from the property.

Riggins Law Firm provides homeowners with a  rapid review of their case and an explanation of their potential  options. There are various possible foreclosure defenses, which can be  raised in court. In order to identify which foreclosure defenses are  appropriate in your specific case, we need to evaluate your case.  It is  never to early to speak with an attorney about your options but it can  be too late.T

We also help individuals who entered into contract for deed or lease with the option to buy understand their rights and the laws to foreclose.


Experienced Eviction Attorney

Notice of Default Violation Sample.pdfThe eviction process occurs when a tenant is in default of the terms of the rental agreement (verbal or written).  Tenant's have a right to cure the default or problem.  So a landlord or the agent must give a notice to cure to the tenant.  If the tenant still fails to cure the problem (ie. no rental payment, too many dogs, no insurance coverage) the Landlord can file for the removal through the court in the county the property is. Here is guide to a standard eviction for non-payment of rent.


Here are some sample notice forms you can use. 

Notice of Default            Notice of Renewal with Rate Increase   Three- Day Notice to Pay